Passengers will meet the Pilot and crew at a predetermined location where they will be greeted and transported to one of many launch sites in the city. Once at the launch site, passengers are invited to assist in laying out and inflating the hot air balloon. The envelope is laid out in less than five minutes. The crew prepares the gondola and the burners. A high-powered fan is then used to inflate the envelope to its full capacity.

Once the balloon has taken its full shape, the pilot will ignite the burners and heat the air within the balloon. When the air in the envelope is heated sufficiently, the balloon will rise and stand approximately 70 feet high. The pilot will then invite passengers to board and the balloon will start to climb.

In preparation for landing, the pilot will demonstrate landing positions. The balloon will descend and make contact with the ground and come to a complete stop. Landings may be as gentle as being placed on the roadside, but in higher winds, the basket could tip over and drag for a short distance.

The pilot will authorize each passenger to disembark in a specified order. The chase crew will have already arrived at the landing site.

The passengers, landowners and crew participate in a traditional champagne toast after the flight.